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>> Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This past weekend, Jason & I headed out to College Station to visit our friends Sylvia and Jake. We were also going to Sylvia's 1st Annual Gig 'Em Cookie Exchange. We made Jason & Jake eat cookies and vote. Guess who's husband didn't vote for her cookies? Yeah, mine. Some girls might be disappointed but I'm not. He likes chewy cookies and I could care less whether mine are chewy or not. I made my great grandmother's pomanders (basically rum balls without the rum). I realize that I may be the only one who loves these, but they're more of a sentimental thing for me.

I also made Lime Coolers, which are sugar cookies with lime zest inside and a lime frosting on the outside. Yum. I had tried these at another party (I forgot to take pictures) and I liked them so I decided to try them out again. There's always so many chocolate cookies at these parties so I wanted to break it up some.

We also had Butterballs (kind of like almond flavored pecan sandies):

Jelly cookies:

Chocolate chip cookies:

Oreo truffle balls:

Super Chunky Christmas Cookies and Peppermint Swirl Cookies:

Pecan Praline Cookies:

While we noshed on cookies, we toasted our sugar highs with some AMAZING apple cider and eggnog:

I don't even like eggnog and I thought it was really good. But that cider.....that cider was deeee-lish. It was a Paula Deen recipe. I joked that it was her only recipe that didn't include butter or bacon. Sylvia told me the recipe actually was called Hot Buttered Apple Cider because you're supposed to put a pat of butter into your glass of hot cider. Gross. Glad we skipped that part. At least we know that P. Deen is consistent!

Here's a shot of us all. From left to right: Myself, looking a little too casual, Kim, Dawn with baby Jacob, Sylvia, our hostess, and Ashley.

After counting the votes, Kim's Oreo Truffle Balls won! Yes, Jason voted for them.

Her prize was a couple spatulas and some copper cookie cutters.

Before the night was over, I couldn't resist getting in some quality baby time. Be still, my ovaries.

After some more oohing and aahing over baby Jake, stuffing our faces with a dozen or so cookies and knocking back a few more glasses of cider, the party ended. I came home with lots of cookies to eat.

And I'm not sharing! Ha!


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