Windy Day!

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

Right now I should be on a plane to Dallas for work. Let me stop there. As of 6:30pm last night, I should have been on a plane at 8:40 this morning. Then my boss gave me the option to sleep in and smartly....I took it! We planned on flying out at about 1pm for market. However, the wind has decided otherwise. Most of the flights today have been canceled due to wind which is highly unusual for this area. I'm still waiting to see if we will leave tonight or tomorrow. So in essence, I've gotten a "free" day off! Hooray!

In other news, I've gotten back into the gym. After almost a 2 month hiatus, going back hurt. All of my favorite classes like BodyStep and BodyAttack are at times that are impossible to make. So, I made myself get on the elliptical and lift on my own, just like I did back in the day. Some of you may remember that. I found that I lost a lot of strength and endurance. It's going to be a rough road getting back, but I'm up for the challenge.


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