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>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

We had a very eventful - and scary - weekend. Jason & I were supposed to take our nieces, Hailey and Hannah, back with us on Sunday. However, things didn't go as planned. When we arrived on Friday, we found out that my sister (their mom) was very, very sick. Her entire office staff was out and one was in the hospital. We thought it was the flu, but it ended up being an awful virus. My sis couldn't get out of bed and hallucinated on Thursday night from such a high fever. She talked to grandparents that aren't around anymore. My parents kept the girls at their house while we were there so she could rest.

Friday night was fun! My parents, Jason & I sat on the back porch and watched the girls ride their bikes and play while we drank wine. And we drank lots of wine! Wine tastes so much better when you have good company, a good back porch, and a good breeze. We stayed up really late and all went to bed a little buzzed.

Saturday was Hannah's 7th birthday, so my sister dragged herself out of bed to throw a small family party. We forgot to take pictures...sorry! At some point toward the end of the party, my mom disappeared. We found her asleep in the back bedroom. She caught the bug. Hailey (the older niece) was also sick, so I took her in to have her cough looked at. When we got home, Mom was still not moving well. By Sunday, she stayed in bed and planned to make a doctor's appointment for Monday.

Monday morning came and she was able to make an appointment at 2:45. Jason & I had already planned to take the girls to get their shots for school that same day at 1:30 (it's an hour from my parent's house), but I had Jason stay home so he could drive mom to the doctor. Thank goodness he was there because she passed out in the office and they rushed her to the hospital. She was there for about 8 hours and was treated for dehydration. They ran a lot of different tests on her including at least a CT scan (they thought it might have been a seizure) and a flu test. She was negative for flu and she didn't have anything abnormal with her brain. My Dad sent us back home before she got out so that we wouldn't catch anything.

I felt so guilty for leaving Mom in the hospital even though Dad was there. However, I'm glad none of us caught the bug. Dad caught it and is still running a fever off and on today. Mom is still not up to par, but is better. My sis went back to the doctor today and got a steroid and an inhaler. She was originally diagnosed with bronchitis, but I think she had the bug, too. We came back fairly healthy with the girls just having a little runny nose and cough. Thank goodness we came back that healthy!


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