The Curse Is Over!!!

>> Sunday, October 11, 2009

After going on two fishing trips with Jason and my father-in-law and catching nothing, I was labeled "The Jinx." This year I was out there to prove them all wrong!

Friday night, Jason & I stayed at his parent's house so we could leave from there first thing in the morning (they live 30 minutes from us....we enjoyed the extra sleep). I put on my trusty seasickness patch before going to bed in preparation for the waves to come. Saturday morning, our friend Greg meets us at the house. We load everything up and get on the road.

What we didn't know was that it was cold that morning. Saturday and Sunday were projected to be clear and sunny. Sunday was supposed to have scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. We didn't care about that since we were only going to fish in the morning before heading home. The weathermen were so freaking wrong. It was cloudy and cool.

Saturday, after a 4 hour drive, we arrived in Port O'Conner and got ready to head out with our guide, Steve. Since it stayed cool, we all had on jeans and sweatshirts with short-sleeve shirts on underneath in case it got hot. It didn't, but the weather was perfect. Not hot at all, and a nice cool breeze to keep me from chumming for fish (see definition number 10) again. We anchored the boat and dropped our lines with cut bait. The Redfish were hitting us hard! We hit our limit within one hour! We were having to throw back keepers because we had already limited out. I got the second largest Red and it was 42 inches! Check out that bad boy!

I didn't keep him with my oversize tag because Reds above 30 inches aren't good for eating. We let him go after I made him pose for a picture. It was hard to wrangle that sucker took a lot of muscle and fight. I loved it! Here's my 41 incher with our guide Steve.

I ended up catching another 41 inch Red later on. Our friend Greg caught a 43 inch Red, beating me by an inch! Doh!

Jason had a great catch too, but the picture is on Greg's camera. I still beat him though. Ha! Overall, on Saturday we caught around 50 Reds and a couple Black Drums. Oh, and a lot of Hardheads and Gafftops.

After such a successful Saturday, we were ready to go for Sunday morning. We went to bed fairly early to get some shut-eye, but none of us slept well. We wake up around 6:15 AM and can hear the wind. I look outside and see the trees blowing pretty hard. What happened to the sunny weather? We decided to go and try out the waters anyway.

Everyone put on rain slickers to keep from getting soaked. We find one other boat in the entire are and we park near them, just inside the jetties. The swells were huge! The water current was extremely strong and it kept pulling our weights up. We pressed on and when we didn't catch anything but a single Black Drum, we moved to the other side of the bay. The water seemed to calm a bit, but we couldn't catch anything at all. I spent a lot of time watching the porpoises play while I waited for a bite. They're hard to see in this picture, because they move so fast! This was a family that came to check us out several times.

After a while, we moved back close to the original spot, but the anchor wouldn't hold. We moved a little farther in the jetties, and found a spot where the current was slower. Then, it rained.

Ever been outside on purpose in 60-degree, rainy weather for fun? No? It's just us crazy people? Probably.

The rain let up after about 10 minutes and we started catching more Hardheads and Gafftops and I believe there was also a Dogfish mixed in. In other words, trash fish. Finally, Jason caught two more Black Drums, I caught an undersized Redfish and my father-in-law, Don, caught a slot-sized Redfish. We pressed on for a little longer, but it was getting miserable out there. We called it a day soon after. I thought I was already plenty wet until we road the boat back in. Holy smokes we got wet! I was sitting in a puddle of water. There weren't many dry places left on me! You know it's bad when the water is warmer than the air. We got back to the house and literally peeled off our clothes to take a shower. Uh, I mean, we took turns in the shower. You known what I mean.

We loaded all our stuff up and headed back home. Even though Sunday wasn't that great, I had so much fun! I actually caught a ton of fish proving the curse false! I can't wait to go next year! :)

P.S. Don't forget about my blogiversary request! I would love to hear from each of you!


fah October 12, 2009 at 9:16 AM  

I totally feel ya on the crappy weather! I was in S. Padre this weekend for a wedding and the weather was absolutely miserable. Try doing a beach ceremony in gale force winds while it's drizzling out. FUN!

mrs.leah.maria October 13, 2009 at 1:14 PM  

I'm glad the curse has been broken! Aside from the soaked part, sounds like a good time!

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