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>> Friday, October 9, 2009

Anybody remember that skit from Sesame Street? That was one of my favorite skits as a kid. Ranks right up there with the Egypt pyramid one. Yeah, I'm a Bert & Ernie lover. I refuse to believe all the rumors. They're just friends people!

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be going on our annual fishing trip to Port O'Conner. You may remember one of my first posts about last year's trip in which we didn't catch a darn thing. There aren't even any pictures to see because there was absolutely nothing going on. I hope that this year will be different. We were originally supposed to leave this morning, but a cold front (read: upper 60s) blew in and our guide said the water would be very rough. We decided to fish Saturday and Sunday instead. I think my stomach will thank me later. Please wish me luck!

Also, please don't forget my blogiversary request! I'd love to see more positive things come from my list! Have a great weekend everyone!


Jayme October 12, 2009 at 1:43 PM  

Things I am grateful for:
1) I serve an awesome God!
2) I have a wonderful husband and an evern more wonderful son.
3) We are all relatively healthy.
4) We have enough money to pay the bills and live pretty well.
5) We have been blessed with enough to share with those who are in need, my niece and her son are living with us until they can get on their feet.
6) I have a wonderful extended family who would go the distance for one another.
7) I have wonderful friends who keep me motivated, grounded and sane.

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