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>> Monday, October 5, 2009

My brother called me a couple days ago. For those who don't know, he is currently serving in the army in Afghanistan. He had called me a week ago, but the phone cut off mid-sentence. I figured he ran out of minutes. When he called me back, he said he was sorry that he ran out of minutes but something kind of funny happened after that. As his phone call ended unexpectedly, his buddy was in the process of making a phone call. They are standing outside, looking at a large hill when an explosion goes off! Then, they see something rolling down the hill. It's the cell phone tower! He looks at his friend and says, "I guess you're not making that call." It was pretty funny when he talked about it.

The Taliban had bombed it, but the army had it back up and running the next day. My brother said they do things like that all the time. He said things are rough out there right now, but hopefully as the weather gets worse (think snow), some of the fighting will decrease. He is supposed to come home for two weeks at the end of October or early November. I can hardly wait!!! Please keep him and the rest of our military in your prayers. :)


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