Giant redfish disguises itself as bait-sized perch!

>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yesterday, J, his brother & his Dad went fishing down in Port O'Connor. Now, some of you may know that I attempted a full day of fishing about two years ago. You may also remember that shortly after catching a hardhead, I proceeded to feed the fish in my own way. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to wait for those fish to show up because I had some serious "sleeping" to do back on land. This year, we decided to do two half-days rather than one long day. I was very nervous for about two weeks. So, I put the patch behind my ear the night before, and I did great Friday afternoon! The day was kind of a bust, though. Instead of catching tons of Redfish, we caught their friends, the Piggy Perch. There were also a few dogfish mixed in for variety. After about 4 hours of fishing, we went back in for some food and sleep. We ate a ton of fried shrimp and got some zzzz's. Then, on Saturday morning, we got back in the boat to try again. The waves were definitely a little rougher. My stomach decided that it didn't like it, but I put that organ in check and told it to stay put! We fished our little hearts out, but alas, no Redfish. I think there were 1 or 2 Redfish caught that day that we knew of. Every guide was stumped, but I had it figured out. The Redfish must have evolved and created some sort of "changeling" property. I believe that all the Perch we caught (and that was quite a bit!) were really Redfish in disguise. Unfortunately, no one wanted to hear that theory. So, after another 4 solid hours of fishing, we boated our happy butts right back to land. No trophys to be had, no fish to eat later on...........NOTHING! And of course, there are no pictures from this grand event since there was really nothing to see. Even though we came back empty-handed, I accomplished something. I made it for 2 half-days without feeding the fish. Now, that's a good reward!


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