Wurstfest: A Salute to Sausage!

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Friday, Jason & I made our way to New Braunfels to partake in their annual salute to beer, sausage and everything fried or on a stick: Wurstfest. For those who aren't familiar with the tradition, this is New Braunfel's 10-day version of Oktoberfest.

At this festival, a lot of drunk Germans can be found. People are eating giant turkey legs and holding stacks of empty pitchers. I even saw an older man wearing liederhosen giving high fives to anyone who would humor him!

I made sure to get one of my favorite things while I was there: Fried pickles! They are so yummy and just the right amount of salty. We met up with my friend Shana and her boyfriend, Ian and proceeded to pig out! Here they are with another friend, Bekah. The three of them decided to buy Wurstfest hats.

Shana & Bekah got traditional German hats while Ian opted for a non-traditional chicken hat. Unfortunately, his hat suffered from "limp hat syndrome" in most of the pictures. Somehow, they talked Jason & I into trying on the hats ourselves:

While walking through the Wursthall looking for more food, we were able to talk this nice gentleman into taking a group picture. He was serving up some type of pastry in his overheated booth. You see, Wurstfest is also a time of comraderie.

So here we are, enjoying the last weekend of Wurstfest together. Yes, that is me being lame with a water bottle in hand. To be honest, it's being used to cover the fried pickle oil that dripped on my shirt.


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