>> Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So after reading and watching New Moon, you'd think I wouldn't have wanted to move on to the next book in the Twilight series, Eclipse.

 But I did. I was curious to see how things turned out. While I was in the lunch room at work a few weeks ago, I overheard two girls talking about New Moon. I had just finished reading and watching it, so I told them that I was so disappointed in it after liking Twilight so much. They assured me that Eclipse was so much better and that the fourth book was their favorite. And you know what?

They were right! The Edward/Bella connection was back on with Jacob thrown into the mix. The drama was there. The action was there. I finished the book in about 3 days. This time, Edward feels horrible for leaving Bella and promises to never do it again. Jacob, though he knows that Bella's true love is for Edward, still cares for her and finally professes his love for her, knowing that she will never feel as strongly. While in the midst of an impending vampire attack, Jacob guilt-trips Bella into kissing him and she does. She then realizes that she's "in love" with him, too, but still not as much as she is in love with Edward. Bella finally agrees to marry Edward, but there's no wedding in this book. I guess that's in Breaking Dawn. The good thing about this book is that the storyline about Victoria (a vampire who's mate is killed by Edward in Twilight) wanting to destroy Bella is finally addressed. Overall, this book was just so much more well-written than New Moon.The romance is back and I seriously can't wait until I read Breaking Dawn!


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