Very Minor Setback....

>> Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday I was supposed to start Week 4 of the C25K program. However, due to the time change, not setting an alarm clock & family obligations, I missed the day. I decided to go ahead and work out as normal on Monday, then start Week 4 on Tuesday. From then on, I would run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

I was already nervous about today because my running time would be doubled from last week and I was a day behind. But, to my surprise, I started out okay. I got through the first 3 minute and 5 minute runs with relatively no problem. The second 3 minute interval was hard, but I got through it. Then came the second 5 minute run. I was already tired, but I was determined to do it. At 2 minutes & 30 seconds, my legs gave out and I needed to breathe. So I walked.

I briefly considered tell y'all that today went great, but then I thought that wouldn't be fair. I am a real person and real things happen to me. I'm certainly not perfect, but I'm trying! My blog is my accountability right now so I want to be completely honest.

Even though I didn't make the entire 14 minutes of running today, I did make 11 1/2 minutes. That's the most I've run outside in my adult life. I am still proud of myself and I am actually looking forward to running all 16 minutes on Thursday.

On a side note, I have signed up for the Susan Komen Race for the Cure on April 4th. I know that I won't be finished with the C25K program, but that's okay. I plan to still follow my normal week that April 4th falls on. Race for the Cure is such a great cause and one that is near and dear to my heart.


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