C25K Week 4

>> Monday, March 16, 2009

As I mentioned last Tuesday, I started Week 4 and had a rough time making week transition outside. The weather turned very cold and rainy by Wednesday, so I ran on the treadmill indoors on Thursday. It went really well even though I was sore from lifting a little too much the day before. This past weekend was busy so I planned to finish Week 4 early Saturday morning before our winery tour trip. I had to be across town by 10am (30 minute drive), so I got up at 7, threw some clothes on and drove to the gym. I arrived at 7:30 and was prepared to get in there quickly, do my run and go home to shower and change clothes.

I was not prepared to find out that the gym wasn't even open. Really? REALLY? I had no idea that my gym didn't open until 8am Saturday and Sunday (they're open 24 hours during the week). I didn't have time to wait until 8, so I drove back home and got dressed. We were gone all day and didn't get home until well after dark and well after gym closing time. On Sunday, I worked a benefit for a friend's nephew and again, I had to be across town by 10:15 (35 minute commute), so there wouldn't be time to run this day either. I worked all day and then met Jason at his parent's house so we could have dinner and celebrate Jason's 32nd birthday.

Oh yes I did just say how old he turned! Ha!

To make a long story short(er), I decided to repeat Week 4 this week. I almost skipped W4D3, but thought that might be a bad thing. So, I'll be doing W4D1 tomorrow. Hopefully, the nice weather will hold and I can get back to running outside in preparation for Race for the Cure and Muddy Buddy!


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