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>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yesterday Dad was looking much better after his bronchoscopy the day before. He was a little more lively and he was able to get out of bed and take a shower. His blood sugar was running high because of the steroids, so he was given insulin to bring it down. His blood pressure has also run high since he's been in, so he was given extra medication to bring it down. Other than that, things went pretty well all day until dinner. For some reason, he didn't get his. By the time we realized that dinner probably wasn't coming, I went into the hall to find a nurse. I spoke with our nurse and she said there wasn't a tray for him and after making sure that he wasn't having any procedures done that would require him to have an empty stomach, raced to the downstairs cafeteria. The kitchen was closed, so he couldn't get his regular hospital dinner. But the nurse was nice enough to find him a sandwich, chips and iced tea.

Today, Dad was able to get out of the bed and sit in a chair! The blood sugar was still elevated, so he is still on some insulin. His blood pressure is slowly getting back to normal. His blood oxygen level is still lower than normal, so he's still on the oxygen to supplement it. He got a little bit of a yeast infection in his lungs from all the antibiotics, but he was given medication to get that under control. I had no idea you could even get a yeast infection in your lungs.

We got some really good news tonight......Dad doesn't have the swine flu! The results finally came back from the state and he was negative. This means that he will be taken out of isolation by sometime tomorrow. No more masks and gowns!!! The sample that was taken from his lungs isn't growing anything so far which is also good news. That means that the antibiotics that he is on are working. The doctor won't give final results on that for another day or two. It's going to be a long road to full recovery, but Dad seems to be on the right track. I'm staying here in Woodsboro until he comes back home. Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers!


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