Week with the munchkins, Day 2

>> Saturday, August 1, 2009

On Wednesday, Hannah woke us up at 7:30am. It was so nice to sleep in on Tuesday and we were hoping to follow that trend, but.......

Hannah's an early riser. Jason couldn't believe that she would actually come wake us up, but I had to remind him that that is what all children do. She was up and ready for breakfast and someone needed to make it! We got the girls dressed and headed out to Natural Bridge Caverns. I went here when I was a kid and thought the girls might enjoy it since they are a little older. We went on the original Discover tour which runs about 70 minutes and is 3/4 of a mile long. Here's the girls waiting to start the tour:

This is the natural bridge for which the caverns are named:

The tour started just past that point. We started the tour and we tried to keep the girls in line and walking slow since they were in flip flops and the cave can be slippery. One of the first things we saw was this wall:

It's called St. Mary's Hall and was named after the school that the original explorers attended. A short walk later, we saw this cool formation that I thought looked like a skull:

The first room we stopped in was the first point that both girls got bored. According to Hannah, the tour guide talked way too much. I did get their picture with their Uncle Jason. Hailey wasn't looking, but to give her credit, she couldn't see me very well anyway.

After the first room, I heard a lot of whining and complaining about how long it was and "I'm hungry" and "I'm tired" and "When is it over?" Hailey started to really enjoy it when we got to the second room. My camera battery said it was getting low, so I turned it off. Both girls remember the bacon formation, the chandelier and the King's Throne. Hannah even thought she saw Santa Claus. And of course, they remember seeing bat poop. What kid doesn't remember some type of poop story?

We exited the cave with more whining from the little one and then my brother called. I had terrible service in that area so I ran outside to catch the call. My phone dropped it and luckily he called back. (Remember he's in Afghanistan) I got to talk to him for a little bit before his phone dropped the call. He said he was doing well and things were okay. By this time, the girls and Jason had headed toward the car, so I got their picture with "Grendel" the dinosaur.

We left to have a late lunch and let the girls play and take a short nap. Hannah still says she didn't have a good time. Hailey liked it. Oh well, you can't win them all.

That night, we took the girls to Godai for sushi, or as Hailey says, shushi. We ordered them some edamame to snack on and they loved them! My mom said they don't like soy beans, but I told her it's all how they're packaged. They ate their fill on sushi. Hailey started sneezing, coughing and having a horrible runny nose. It was so bad that Jason retrieved the Puffs from the car and we asked for a trash sack to dedicate to her nasty tissues. Regardless of all this, she ate a ton and had fun. Each girl was given child's chopsticks so they were able to pick up their sushi like adults. We came home and got them bathed and let them watch a little TV. Hailey then went to bed without a fight meaning she felt horrible. They went to sleep within minutes!


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