Sylvia's 30th birthday

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm way behind on posts, I know. Sue me.

A couple weekends ago, I went to celebrate my friend Sylvia's 30th birthday. The party was held at her in-law's house in Canyon Lake. At my party in January, Sylvia was nice enough to give me a sash that said "30 and Thrilling!" However, her sister gave me a picture frame that everyone could sign and Sylvia made a misprint. Instead of writing "30 & Thrilling", she wrote "30 and Thriving." I mean, it's not like I'm almost dead. Sheesh.

So, I had to return the favor:

And yes, I made her wear it! I could do a post on how I made the t-shirt, but I think we all know how iron-ons work.

The most fun part of the party was the adult pinata. Here's Syl taking a whack at it (and totally cheating!):

Here's me taking a shot!

The pinata had mini wine and liquor bottles, air fresheners, liquor-filled candy and scratch off tickets! Miles loved picking up the contents!

We then got a group shot with almost everyone. It was impossible to get people to face the same camera! Can you find Jason & I? Jason blends in REALLY well here. Ha ha!

Then we went inside for cake! Look at that adorable cake!!

Afterward, Syl opened presents and we all gabbed til late at night. It was so good to just kick back and relax with friends and just catch up! Here's Syl & I...her with her "30 & Thriving" t-shirt and her "30 & Flirty" sash:

I came home with an air freshener, $20 in winning scratch off tickets and booze. Now that's what I call a successful night! Happy birthday Sylvia!!


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