Dinner at last!

>> Wednesday, October 29, 2008

After putting our table together on Saturday afternoon, Jason I went to a Halloween party. This meant that we didn't even get to eat dinner at our new table! Strike one for Saturday. On Sunday, we slowly woke up (after Jason practically slept until noon) and ate some breakfast in the living room. Jason moved on to go work on his truck at his parent's house while I stayed home and did some laundry and cleaning. You know, the FUN stuff. When Jason goes to work on his truck, I know to never expect him home until around 10 or 10:30pm. He just gets so into his work that he doesn't think about anything else. So, strike two for Sunday. On Monday, I did my usual grocery shopping and decided what to make for dinner.....yummy pecan crusted chicken. I even bought some fall-ish flowers for our pretty table to set the mood! Jason came home after work, helped me make dinner and then we promptly walked right up the stairs to watch TV. As soon as we sat down, we both realized that we had a dining table that we could actually eat at. Well, we were already upstairs so we just said we'd do it the next day. Strike three. At this point, you'd think we bought a useless piece of furniture. Finally, last night, Jason & I had our dinner at the table. Jason even got out placemats so our plates wouldn't scratch the table. How sweet is that? The funny thing is what I made for our first dinner at the table: turkey loaf. Talk about the most boring possible thing to make! But, it turned out alright and we enjoyed dinner TOGETHER.


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