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>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last night, or should I say all day yesterday, I made a healthy version of lasagna. I've never attempted lasagna before but I figured it couldn't be too hard. I even made the tomato sauce from scratch which included a mixture of roasted tomatos, carrots, sweet potatos, onions and garlic. Surprisingly, it turned out really good. I was a little worried when I had to put cut carrots, celery and mushrooms in the lasagna layers, but it was delish. Jason asked me to please leave out the cut carrots because he likes them crunchy, not mushy. I couldn't care less whether my carrots are crunchy or mushy. Celery, however, needs to be mushy. The whole process took HOURS. It was so worth it.

During the lasagna layering process, I discovered something interesting: I actually like cottage cheese. For years (yes, YEARS) I have turned this stuff away from my mouth because the texture looks gross and plus, who really wants to eat sour milk anyway? Turns out, I do. It was one of those moments that I realize that I have grown up. I'm not a kid anymore that just decides I hate food because it looks yucky. My parents will tell you that I was a very picky eater. Nothing was ever made special-order for me, but Mom always cut the onions really large so I could pick them out. After I was done with dinner, there was always this pile of stuff that I deemed inedible on my plate. Some of the things that I have now decided to eat that I despised as a child are avocados, some onions (provided they aren't raw), pico de gallo, roasted peppers, brussels sprouts and spinach. Now, I can proudly add cottage cheese to my "edible" list. Mom will be so proud.


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