Halloween Party Numero Uno

>> Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Saturday, Jason & went to our friend Cat's house to go to her annual Halloween party. There's usually quite a few people there with yummy food. It's always a good time! I only have one picture of me from the party, but I'll have some more after this weekend. This is not an attractive picture of me, so I don't know why I'm posting it, but here you go:

You may notice that Jason is absent from this picture. That's because he didn't dress up! Wimp! In case you're wondering, I'm a tragic beauty queen. I thought it was going to be colder, so I didn't put on a dress. My sash says "Miss Diagnosed." It fit me like it was meant for someone a little shorter, like maybe someone who was an average height of oh, say, 5'4. And since I'm 5'10, it's a tad on the short side. All the more tragic. I know.........I'm awesome.


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