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>> Monday, May 25, 2009

On Saturday, we celebrated our friends Deseere & Scott's birthday. True to Deseere form, we couldn't just show up for a party. We had to show up ready for a toga birthday party! Earlier in the day, Jason & I went to a sweet little 2-year-old boy's birthday party. I forgot my camera, so no pics of the cutie! We left there a little after 6 which was later than we planned on. Deseere's party started at 7. We were about 25-30 minutes away from our house and Deseere's house. We live nowhere near Deseere. So, we opted to save gas and go straight to the b-day girl's house toga-less.

This did not go over well with the birthday girl who immediately pointed out that Anna's Linens was a 1/2 mile away and that we could buy flat sheets for only $8. So off to Anna's Linens I went. Somehow, I came back with fitted sheets. But fear not, you can still make a toga with a fitted sheet! You just have to rip out the elastic. Here's Jason right after Deseere finished dressing him. You can even see theripped-out elastic on the floor......

Deseere then set out to fix my toga. She cut two of the corners into 3 strips, then braided them. Then, she tied the braids behind my neck like a halter top and wrapped the curtain tie I bought around me. Then, I pinned the inside of the toga to my panties so that it was secure and it was done! Who knew it would've been that easy? Here's the birthday girl and her birthday twin:

And this guy showed up...this is how you do togas Texas-style:

Of course Jason & I had to take the obligatory self-portrait:

There was so much good food, wine, beer, champagne, gab, name it! Here's the group - or - most of us anyway:

And the naughty shot:

It was the best toga party EVER!!!


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