Wednesday workout

>> Wednesday, May 6, 2009

After Monday's lunges, my booty was sore! That must mean that I did some good. Today's workout is my medium day, which means I lift enough to exhaust my muscles after 9-12 rep, whatever I can get to. I do 3 sets of each exercise after 30 minutes of cardio.

  • Quadriceps - Leg Press with 180lbs loaded onto machine
  • Hamstrings - Hamstring curls with 75lbs loaded onto machine
  • Calves - 135lb loaded onto Seated calve machine
  • Chest - Incline chest press using 20lb dumbbells
  • Back - Lat pulldowns, loaded 70lbs
  • Shoulders - Dumbbell press using 15lb dumbbells
  • Biceps - Bicep curls using 40lb EZ Curl Bar
  • Triceps - Lying tricep extension using 12.5lb dumbbells
This was actually my old Monday hard workout. Check out what I was lifting on my hard day in January! See the improvement? I could hardly believe it myself!


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