Allison's birthday

>> Monday, February 22, 2010

Remember when I mentioned that I had two parties to go to the weekend of Valentine's Day? One of those was to go to my friend Allison's 30th birthday. She just says that it's her annual 21st birthday celebration. Jason wasn't feeling well that night, so I went solo. We met at Luna to see Ruben V play. He's an awesome Texas blues guitarist.....amazing. You have to see him in person if you live in the area. Anyway, here's a pic of the birthday girl and I:


I look so weird in that picture! What is wrong with me??? I found it funny that we both grew our hair out at the same time! I also finally got to meet Allison's new boyfriend Markus (left) and her brother Todd and sister-in-law Allison. The brother and sister-in-law live in another state so I've heard the names for years.


I had a great time meeting her family and boyfriend and loved hearing Ruben V for the hundredth time!
The next day, on Saturday, Jason and I went to my cousin's 25th birthday party. It was a crawfish boil. I enjoy seafood, but I've never tried crawfish. They just look creepy. The birthday girl, Becca, made me try a piece and it was okay. It was kind of spongy like crab, but luckily it was spicy from the sauce. No, I didn't such the head. Gross! I only got one picture of the birthday girl and birthday boy (Brian - never met him before):

You gotta love that Texas-shaped cake! It even had little margarita candles on it! Even though I hadn't planned on staying a really long time, Jason and I were there until most people had left. We got a great visit in with Becca and her husband, TJ. Thanks for inviting us guys!


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