Valentine's Recap

>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

We didn't do much for Valentine's Day, but the one thing I did want to do was to wake up and make pancakes for breakfast. They just always seem so warm and delicious and holiday-icious. Yes, I just made up a new word. So Jason got to work making cinnamon-pecan pancakes while I supervised. I shoved him aside to make an attempt at one special Valentine-ish pancake. Isn't it cute?


And let me tell you this: this adorable little pancake was even better smothered in maple syrup and washed down with some hot tea!


Mmmmmmm..............delicious! I had dreams of making a nice dinner, but we were too full from breakfast to want anything substantial for dinner. We decided to snack and snuggle for the rest of the day. :)


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