Cassius' New Toy

>> Monday, February 8, 2010

Jason and I have been worried that our kitty baby, Cassius, has been getting bored lately. He doesn't like to play with his little jingle-balls as much as he used to and his old string just got too ratty. I found this funny little mouse on a string that you attach to a doorway at the grocery store today. The little mouse squeaks and it's on a rubber band-type string. I put it on the door and this is what happened:



Now of course I forgot to get the camera out right away, so by the time these had been taken, he had already played for quite a while. Here's a video of him playing. The meowing you hear? Yeah, that's what Jason and I hear all.the.time. But this time Cassius is annoyed that he can't hold the mouse down to play with it on the floor. (Sorry that it's sideways, but I can't figure out how to fix that. If you're a techie, let me know please!) Oh, and the squeaky toy went a little haywire for a few seconds in this video. If you listen carefully, you can hear Jason yell from upstairs.

The next video is just funny because Cassius had been batting at that mouse for so long that he finally gave up and laid down on the floor!

After Jason and I got tired of watching him play, we went upstairs. Cassius followed us up, but he didn't stay long. He went back downstairs and all we heard was more meowing and squeaking. Then, we heard a SNAP and realized that he had broken the toy. He had had enough and that mouse was coming down!

Just thought I'd share a little of what goes on in our house. Cassius never lets us forget he's there! If he's not in our laps, he's yowling at us from downstairs!


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