Cassius Update

>> Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cassius is doing better. He's home and has been meowing up a storm when he's awake. He's been sleeping much more than usual. Jason & I were worried because he's still not well when the realization hit us that he almost died and that people nor cats bounce back from that quickly. He has to take a pill twice daily that will help jump-start his bladder. He still doesn't have complete control and will leak a bit. He is making frequent trips to the litterbox which means he's trying. The doctor said it will come back with time. In the meantime, we have all furniture completely covered in plastic and sheets!

He also takes an antibiotic to help stop the infection. Luckily, this is syringe form and is fairly easy to administer. Finally, Cassius wasn't eating much (or anything) so I took him back in. The doctor gave me another pill to give him that will make him hungry. So far, no good.

He looks at the food, but then just walks away. They fed him yesterday through a tube down his throat just to get him some nutrition. Now I have to take him back in this morning to have it done again. This may be a side effect of the antibiotics, so we also may switch to a new one.

Other than these problems, Cassius is still his lovable self. I even had a nurse call me from the Emergency Pet Clinic to check on him because she liked him so much. So, to wrap things up, here's a picture of him sleeping in my lap two days ago. This is his most favorite things to do. You can even see one of the places where he was shaved. :(


fah December 10, 2008 at 3:18 PM  

Oh poor guy! I hope he continues to get better and starts eating soon. We adopted a very sick dog (our little black one Riley). We've probably spent like $5,000 on him (heartworms, eye infection that turned into acute glacoma that then needed to be removed - he's got a fake eye - 2 teeth cleaning all with teeth needing to be pulled and the latest, an ear infection) but we just love the little guy. We joke when he's bad that we're gonna return him and try to get our money back or that he better be good so he's worth every penny!

Stephanie December 10, 2008 at 3:25 PM  

That's exactly how I feel! We just love him so much! Poor Riley...that must be hard on him to have so much done as well. At least he knows he's loved!

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