So you think you know your husband!

>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yesterday I was cleaning in the kitchen and I flipped on the radio. Normally, in my car, I listen to XM (now Sirius XM....ugh.....that's another story) Radio, so I'm not really in the know on the local stations. I found out that Jack FM (102.7) is the best station to listen to while doing the kitchenly and other householdish duties.

Now for anyone who's never heard of this station - or for my out-of-state bloggy buddies who, bless their heart, don't realize that you can't live until you live in Texas - it's a mix of everything. And not in a cheesy soft rock kind of way. I mean, it's like I'm playing a mix from my own collection. I admit, Jack does like the 80s a lot, but so do I!

So, while cleaning, I hear the illustrious voice of Elton John. And then Billy Joel. And then Elton. And then Billy. And I'm loving it to the core. Childhood memories all come back and waves of happiness wash upon me. In honor of their upcoming concert, Jack was playing Elton & Billy for one solid hour.

I call Jason to tell him to make sure to set his radio for Jack FM on the way home because they are playing Elton & Billy! He says okay, we hang up, and I go back to being giddy.

About half an hour later, Jason comes home. And me, in my girly silliness, asked him if he listened to Jack. I wanted him to tell me how awesome he thought it was, too.

Instead, he tells me that he only listened to it for a little bit. When I asked him how this could be, he replied: "I hate Elton John. I don't like any of his music. Except maybe Candle in the Wind. That one was pretty good."

I had to take a step back on this one. Candle in the Wind?!? Really? That's it? While I happen to think it's an okay song, that song would definitely require me to push the Skip button should it come up on my playlist.

So there you go folks. We've known each other for over 5 years, dated for almost 2 and a half, and have been married for 5 months. You'd think I'd know who I married. But for a brief moment, I had to wonder who this 6'8" man was standing in my kitchen denying Elton John his dues.

At least he likes Billy.

We'll always have Billy.


Anonymous,  December 15, 2008 at 3:05 PM  

Are you working?

Stephanie December 15, 2008 at 3:24 PM  

Nope! I need to start looking, though. Hopefully, more jobs will open up in the new year.

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