Minor setback

>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

We took Cassius back into the Emergency Pet Clinic last night. He was getting progressively more sluggish and still wasn't eating. I had to take him into the vet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to get manually fed. On top of that, he was also given a subcutaneous injection of saline on Wednesday because he was dehydrated. By Wednesday afternoon, I noticed that he wasn't drinking any water and I got worried.

We decided to take Cassius back to the kitty ER. They ran blood tests where they found out that he was in renal failure. His creatine levels were 15. Normal levels for a cat are between 2 and 2.5, with 12 being severely critical. He was immediately put back on an IV to help jump start his kidneys.

By this morning, he was already looking better. He was more alert and had actually eaten on his own that morning.

When we checked on him tonight, he was more like his old self, purring away and trying to convince every worker in the clinic that they should be loving on him. His creatine level dropped to 6.3, which is good. The vet had warned me that he may not drop quickly, but he did. By tomorrow, we hope that his creatine levels will be back to normal.

We will still have to keep him on an IV for his duration in the ER. Then, we'll have to follow up daily, then every few days for subcutaneous injections to keep his kidneys working. If all else goes well, his kidneys will heal back to normal, but it's still too early to tell. We just know that we can't take Cassius off of the fluids too soon or he could crash again.

I will visit him again tomorrow morning and night. Hopefully, we can take him home on Saturday morning. I'll update again as I get more news.


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