Our first Christmas Tree!

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Tuesday, Jason & I finally went to buy our Christmas Tree. Now, I like doing green things, but I draw the limit at Christmas. I just love the tradition and the pine smell. Monday night was a nice, warm night. But not Tuesday. Nooooo! Tuesday was freaking cold! It was also misting, but we're troopers, so out we went.

We picked out a lovely fat Douglas Fir that smells just delicious! And yes, it is taller than Jason!!! It measures out at 7ft. We get our tree home and get out the stand that Jason's parents have given us. Lo and behold, the stand is only for FAKE trees. We end up cutting a gallon milk jug and filling it with water. Then, we set it in the stand and lean the tree on the wall. If you look closely, you can see the tree sitting in our milk jug stand with other various stand parts lying around.

Normally, I would have immediately gone to Wal-mart (it's about 2 miles away) to buy a stand, but by this time, it's hailing. Apparently, some of Texas got snow. Not us. This is all we got:

Cassius didn't seem to mind the make-shift stand. He liked hiding underneath it anyway.

I had to take Cassius back to the Emergency Pet clinic on Wednesday, not too long after that picture was taken. Jason & I were so busy worrying about him that we didn't even decorate the tree until Saturday. But, it's done and now I can show you our very first Christmas tree.

There's no tree topper because I couldn't find one I like. We don't have a themed tree; just a collection of ornaments that we used as kids. I appreciate the perfectly matched, perfectly decorated trees, but I love the sentimentality (yes, I made that up) of going through ornaments every year and remembering who gave them to me and when I received them. I look forward to it every year! Enjoy our tree.........that's now in a real stand!


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