Gone Postal!

>> Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last May, I ordered this cute bikini from Victoria's Secret (except it was green and the bottom didn't have strings):

I know I don't look quite like Marissa Miller here, but I'm damn close if I do say so myself. (Ha!)

I also ordered a cute halter top with it. I was planning on wearing these on my honeymoon in St. Lucia in July. I tracked the orders online, but they never arrived at my door. I called Vic's Secrets back and told them I had never received my package. They said they would resend a new set, but I had to get a different color in the tank top as they were out of the blue. I received that one in about two weeks, but never got the original one.

Just after Christmas, my grandma called me and said that I had two packages in the mail. One of them was from Victoria's Secret. The mailman said that they had been sitting in the package mailbox for 2 weeks, but my grandma never got the key to open it. Lo and behold, there was my 7-month old package waiting for me! Now I have two bikinis in the exact same color. And it doesn't even fit that great. At least I have two different colored tops.

But the story's not over yet.

The other package was from our wedding photographer. In it were our engagement pictures that we took in MARCH. She sent them with a letter asking us if she could bring our signature mat with her when she moved to San Antonio in June. Obviously, I never got back with her. Now we have a jillion wallet-sized photos of us. We may have to wallpaper a wall in them.

And the postal service wonders why we use them less and less. And yet their rates go up more and more.

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