Birthday happenings

>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

So yesterday I turned 30. It didn't hurt a bit, much to my surprise. In fact, I had a pretty good day. On Thursday, I got my hair done and even got a free mani! How could I say no to that? Then, on Friday, I was shopping and redeemed my coupon for free birthday lip glosses from Sephora. They were actually colors that I can wear, too! That night, Jason came home with red roses and we went to my favorite sushi place to eat dinner together. Afterward, we went to The Cheesecake Factory and stuffed ourselves silly with cheesecake. Jason had a carrot cake cheesecake (which was more cake, actually) and I had a nice fluffy vanilla bean cheesecake. Yum! To end the night, we went to see Taken at the movies. It was a great night! There will be more festivities tonight! :)

Oh, and Taken was good. It was kind of "formula", but I still enjoyed it. It's worth seeing in the theater. I guess just about any movie I see now just won't hold up to Gran Torino. I had to remember this as I was watching it!

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