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>> Thursday, January 1, 2009

For at least the past 6 years, my Mom has always given me a Far Side weekly planner for Christmas. It's a tradition that I love. Not only does my Far Side planner crack me up on a weekly basis, it also lets others know that I'm not too serious about life in general. But this year, Gary Larson did me wrong.

He stopped licensing his cartoons. That means NO MORE FAR SIDE CALENDARS. The world has come to a freaking halt. Seriously.

This is what I used last year:

How much more enjoyable could planning your weeks be? You get a new laugh with each passing week. This year, since my Mom obviously couldn't find the fun, Far Side calendar, so I was forced to look on my own. The only thing that I could find was this:

It's a grown-up, fancy planner. Genuine leather. Gold-leaf pages. World maps. Reference pages.

How much more un-funny could it get? Now my planner gives off a serious vibe that I'm not so sure I'm ready for. Is this what turning 30 is all about?


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