Husbands & Calendars Don't Mix

>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last night, Jason & I were about to go to bed and I said something about my birthday being Friday. This results in the following discussion:

J: "No, your birthday is Saturday. That's why we're doing dinner that day."
Me: "No, my birthday is Friday. Today is the 28th. You know my birthday is the 30th."
J: "I know when your birthday is! Today is the 27th!"
Me: "No it's not. It's the 28th."
J: "But you said your birthday fell on a weekend this year!"
Me: "It does. It's on a Friday."
J: "Friday's not a weekend! Saturday is the weekend!"
Me: "Friday is a weekend. Work ends at 5."
J: "Well, I'm glad you said something. Otherwise, I would've felt really bad if I let the whole day go by and not have said anything to you."
Me: "You'd have felt bad! What about me?!?"

So I now know that not only does my husband never look at a calendar, but that I also must be specific on my weekend days. For crying out loud!


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