Easter Catch-Up

>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jason & I went to my parent's for Easter this year. My sister was planning a party with a few of her friends, so we decided to join in. On Sunday, we headed out to Aransas to her friend Jennifer's house. There, we were greeted by TONS of children and several people we didn't know. We weren't worried about this in the least because we brought beer and brisket.

The kids entertained themselves by running around, playing video games and just plain acting crazy. My nieces love to pick flowers, so that's what they chose to do. Here's my oldest niece, Hailey, giving me a smug smile. I was sitting down when I snapped this picture, so it's at a weird angle. She's a little camera shy, so there's not too many pictures of her.

At some point, my brother stole my camera and this is what I found in it:

You should be thanking me for sparing you the rest. I think there's about 10 of his self-portraits. He also took the only picture of me that I have from the party, but I'm not posting that sucker. It's HORRIBLE. I wasn't ready and it's a BAD angle. We'll just leave it at that.

This, however, is a picture I love! This is Jason with my other niece, Hannah, showing her true colors. She is one silly girl who loves to pose for the camera.

Someone decided to bring dozens and dozens of cascarones (confetti eggs for you northerners!) and all craziness ensued.

I even have a few small cuts on the top of my forehead from someone being a little overzealous with a cascarone. I blame my sister. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed smashing one on me. I felt the most sorry for this cute little girl. That confetti may never come out of her hair!

Jason & I got to play Easter Bunny this year. I've never actually gotten to do that before, so we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of places to hide eggs in Jennifer's back yard, so we hid a lot of eggs in the grass mounds. We then called the kids to the back yard and lined them up:

And they're off!

That's my sis, Carrie, trying to take pictures in the middle of this photo:

Somehow Hannah talked this poor fellow into giving her a piggyback ride all through the yard. She kicked her shoes off earlier because they were hurting her feet.

Luckily, my mom was able to relieve him of his duty.

After the hunt was over, we ate lots of food while the kids stuffed themselves full of sugar and eggs. Speaking of eggs, have you ever wondered what kids do with hard-boiled eggs?

Well, if you guessed "try and crack them open, then put them in the seat of the tricycle" you were right! I laughed so hard because this kid was so intent on his work!

But the real joy was seeing all the kids stuff themselves silly with sugar, then leaving them there. Just kidding. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter!


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