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>> Friday, April 3, 2009

That I actually don't have exercise-induced asthma as we originally thought. The asthma is actually triggered by the outdoor elements like pollen. Since the oak pollen has been in the 1000s, it was no wonder that I had trouble breathing. My doc gave me Advair to take on the days that I run along with the Proventil that I had already been using. The Advair takes 45 minutes to kick in, so I just take it when I wake up in the morning. He said that if I still had problems afterward, that I would just have to continue my C25K training indoors. This was not exactly the news I wanted, but hopefully the pollen will be long gone by the time Muddy Buddy comes along.

I think that I will drop back to Week 5 this coming week. Since I didn't get to finish the W5D3 run and this week went horrible, I think it's best to go backward. No one said that you couldn't repeat weeks. In fact, on the Cool Runnings site, it's encouraged to do so if you need it. This would put me finishing Week 9 the week before Muddy Buddy. So, I should still be on track.


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