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>> Monday, April 27, 2009

I had completely forgotten about this story until I saw this post on Pioneer Woman. My 6-year-old niece, Hannah, had gone outside to play on Easter weekend. She was wearing a cute little dress and of course, no shoes. Here's the little stinker with her silly Uncle Bubba.

She came inside and did a handstand in front of Jason. He made a comment that her little skinny behind was showing and she got an almost - but not quite - embarrassed look on her face. She wasn't wearing any panties! We were laughing, but my mom wasn't. My mom wanted to know where her panties were since she personally saw her put them on earlier.

For whatever reason, Hannah wouldn't tell her. She got an even more embarrassed look on her face and an almost - but not quite - shameful look. So then my mom asked her if she had an accident. Hannah keeps saying, "no, no, no." After being questioned for a few minutes, my mom loses her patience and tells her to show us where she put her panties. Curiosity inspired me to follow them outside. Hannah leads us into the garage and starts playing with something or other in there. Mom again tells her to show her where her panties are!

And then Hannah reaches into a stacked set of extra tires and pulls out her cute little flowered panties.

And they were dry and clean.

And it's still a mystery as to why she would even think to hide panties in a stack of tires in a garage. Kids!


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