>> Monday, April 27, 2009

I've been told that I need to update my blog a little more often because some people need something to read at work. It's been quiet on the home front lately because Jason has been out of town off and on for the past 3 weeks. When he's gone, I don't bother to cook for myself. (For shame!) I usually just fix something fast and read or watch TV. Nothing too special here.

I know I've lagged on the C25K updates as well. For weeks 5 & 6, I never got to do the Day 3 long runs. One weekend we were out of town and the other weekend we had to be somewhere early. I thought I'd just make up for them last week during Week 7. All three days of Week 7 consisted of a. 5-minute walk, a 25-minute run and a 5-minute cool down. For some reason, my body just wants to poop out at about a mile (or 12 minutes for me). I started this program so that I could do the Muddy Buddy race in Austin, but even that's not a consecutive 3-mile run. Since I have to alternate biking and running, I think I will start doing this in the gym this week. It will be a tough workout, but it will also be more realistic! My shins were really hurting, so a break from running 3 days a week was welcome. They are feeling much better, but not perfect. Oh well. I guess I'm not perfect after all. (Big surprise, right?)

Even though I've kind of ditched the C25K program, I'm not disappointed with myself. I can run farther than I ever could before which is really what I aimed for. Rather than focus on the failure, I will refocus my energy on weights. I really, really like lifting weights (MUCH more than cardio!!) and have really seen a difference in my body over the past few months. My legs have much more muscle now and even Jason agreed. He actually told me that he thought my cellulite had diminished and that my butt had lifted a little. He didn't want to tell me this at all because then it would mean he agrees that I have cellulite, but I thought this was great news! The hard work is paying off finally! My thighs and lower abdomen is where I carry all my extra weight, so it's nice to see that I'm making a dent. I've been on a pretty rough 3-day full-body weight routine for a while. I think I've gained 5-10 pounds of muscle which is awesome! My plan is to switch up the routine next week. If anyone is interested, I'll post the workouts so that you can follow along. After Muddy Buddy, I may try some spinning classes, too.

Other than my running failure/weight training success, not too much has gone on. I went to a bachelorette party last weekend and I'll post some pics when I get them. I also plan to try a new recipe this week which I'll post as well. I hope everyone has had a productive week. Keep on keepin' on!


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