>> Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One of my goals this year was to work on some endurance through some Gold's Gym classes. I can blast through a half hour or more on the elliptical, but not necessarily through other types of cardio. I decided to try out the BodyAttack class they offered. I was afraid it would be too much punching and kicking, but it wasn't like that at all. It had some moves from their BodyStep class (I took it a couple years ago) plus some kicking. There was also a little running, high knees and even some push-ups. After a tough legs workout on Monday, the squatting in BodyAttack nearly killed me. But the music was good and the instructor was fun! I was pretty tired afterward (and looked a bit like a lobster) so I didn't lift weights as I had planned. However, I think I'll keep trying this out. I definitely felt very out of sync with the rest of the class. I tend to pick up dance moves slowly. Plus, I have to admit that being a head taller than the ENTIRE class can make you feel like you look dorky. Sometimes, gyms should cover up their mirrors. This was one of those times! That aside, I'm still going to try it again. But not until next week when my legs have fully recovered! Til then, I'll be stretching! :)


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