New Year's Eve Celebration

>> Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jason & I were invited to a "Classy New Year's Eve" party at a friend's house. Now if you know some of my friends, then you know that classy could either be:

1. Classy
2. Klassy

On New Year's eve, Jason & I both weren't feeling well. The mountain cedar pollen had made itself known in San Antonio and my sinuses were (and still are) well aware. They couldn't stop crying and I was tired of mopping up their tears. Jason just had a headache, but I think it was out of sympathy. Somehow we unstuck ourselves from the chairs and turned off the tv long enough to get dressed. At this point, it's cold and I'm not about to put on a dress and freeze my arse off all night. Plus, I already explained the dilemma above.

So we donned our best jeans, trying to make ourselves look somewhat dressed up and presentable. We arrived at the party a typical hour late because we're cool like that and no one ever expects the M family to be on time. Much to my surprise, it was indeed a CLASSY New Year's party and my lovely husband and I were far outclassed. We became the klassy folks of the party. Well, someone had to take that role. We made klassy look good!

Soon after arriving, Jason downed a few beers. He was a man with a mission and that mission was to kiss the toilet seat later. I am happy to report that his lips stayed toilet seat free, but we did have a good scare. In case you were wondering, no I did not drink with such fortitude. Instead, I had two small 29 degree beers early on and some champagne at midnight. This picture was taken after Jason had about 3 beers:

I have no idea what in the heck he was doing. Because he has a pumpkin head, the New Year's hat didn't fit him at all. He found a great way to supplement it. Poor Mendy just didn't even know what happened here.


Here's a picture of our host, Haby. See, I told you it was CLASSY. He brought out the tux for the occasion. I'm pretty sure he remembers nothing of this moment.

 Here's a few more party goers: Deseere, Mendy & Paul.

Somehow through my husband's rip-roaring debacle we managed to take a decent picture together.

Here's Mendy (again with the hat! Ha!), Jason, myself and Kristi:

The real story was of the second Jason. We shall call him Buzz for several reasons, none of which shall be listed here. At midnight, he busted open his bottle of champagne and proceeded to drink from it the klassy way. (If you'll notice, he wore jeans, too. I told you some of us were klassy people.)

Shortly after this, he decided that the champagne was only good for picture-taking and would be way more fun to spray on the lawn!

But the story's not over yet. So that a perfectly good bottle wouldn't be wasted, he filled that bottle up with margaritas! The King of Klassiness!

A little later in the night, this picture was taken. If you look closely, you'll see the Ginger trying to hide like a ninja. This is me, Paul, Nik, the ninja Jenn & another Stephanie. People, there were three freaking Stephanies at the party. Seriously, WTH?

The ninja felt the need to prove her worth so she challenged her fellow Ginger to a headbutting contest!

The night went on until I worried that Jason might keel over at any moment spurring someone to yell "Timber!" in the distance. I may exaggerate how much he drank, but I kid you not about the tree part. At 6'8", you do not want to see him fall. I would've had to have left him there because there's no dragging any man around of that size. We took the backroads home and finally got in bed for the night.

The next morning, after sleeping very late, I made my dear husband make me pancakes. I figured that was a good enough payment for driving him home. However, my dreams of morning mimosas were turned down. I kept telling Jason, "hair of the dog! Hair of the dog!" but it didn't work. Oh well. I guess I can save that champagne bottle for this weekend a special occasion. Hope everyone else's celebration was just as fun!


Faith January 6, 2010 at 8:10 AM  

Oh we had two Stephanies, two Johns, and three Erins. Basically we knew we could yell out someone's name and someone would come!

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